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Media Center

White’s Travel Center is happy to assist with stories, fact checking, on-site visits, and interviews.


News Release

We are always growing and improving, so visit our site often for the latest developments, or click here to see our news releases.


Fact Sheet

Click here to be in the know about basic information you'll need to write your story.

Media Contact

Our Director of Marketing, Mellyora Mason, is happy to assist you with stories, fact checking, on-site visits, interviews, and photography. For additional information click here.


Media Policy

To ensure the safety of media representatives, drivers and customers, we ask that all individuals respect and comply with the following:


Pre-authorization is required to interview any White’s Travel Center employees and to photograph or film our facility.

During your visit, you must be escorted by an authorized White’s Travel Center representative.


Please check with Mellyora Mason, Director of Marketing, for a list of people who are authorized to speak to the media. 


Please respect our customers. If a customer does not wish to speak with you or have their image used, we ask that you  thank them and move on.


Any reproduction of White’s Travel Center's exterior or interior images are strictly limited to personal use only.


All commercial photography and filming are prohibited without previous written permission.


Images, logo, and the name White’s Travel Center are registered trademarks and cannot be used by outside entities without written permission from authorized

White's Travel Center personnel.

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