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When it comes to food, White's serves up the best.

With 7 mouth-watering restaurants, a superb deli, a charming convenience store and this town's hottest coffee shop, we'll have you wondering why you don't come here for every meal. And the best part?
They all offer catering.
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For the best Burgers, Wings & Brews!! Don't Forget to check out the Transportation Museum when you visit!! 540-377-2111 ext.  54
From what began in Coney Island now here at White's Travel Center! World Famous Hotdogs, Burgers, Fries, and more!  (540)377-2111 ext. 69
Stock up on your favorite deli meats, cheeses, breads, sides and desserts for your long haul. Try the carver slice piles of mouth-watering pastrami, turkey and our famous beef and pork ribs. When it comes to freshness, White's Deli has it all. (540) 377-2111 ext. 16
When you're in the mood for some Louisiana Fast® fried chicken,
to Popeye's located right in the middle of Destination Station.

(540) 377-2111 ext. 67
Eat Fresh® at Subway, located in Destination Station.
(540) 377-2111 ext. 68
Life is short, stay awake for it®. Your drives are long, stay awake for those too with the help of delicious Caribou Coffee. Also located in the middle of Destination Station. Click here for upcoming specials.
 (540) 377-2111 ext. 79
If better ingredients and better pizza sounds good to you, then stop in at our newest addition- Papa John's at White's! Order online at 377-2111 ext. 72
Have it your way® at Burger King located in Orchard Creek's travel plaza! (540) 377-4148
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